About us

Ekomeko is an internationally consulting company in the sustainable energy and organic food industry. It develops, nances and operates projects and give investors and producer a individual support. As an issuing company for sustainable investments. Ekomeko has subsidiaries in Croatia and Germany.

Our Service

Ekomeko offers a comprehensive range of services for all business segments, from the contractual securing of sites to the deconstruction of systems at the end of their service life.


Projects are independently developed in all business segments. Project development starts with the selection of a suitable location, followed by a feasibility study and a contractual agreement.


Also Ekomeko made an consulting service for domestic and international partners to made business in Croatai.


Would You like to invest in the renewable energy or eco-agriculture? Ekomeko has a large selection of energy and real estate projects that are in function or ready for construction and already constructed, and always searches for partners and investors in order to implement them. Upon a request, Ekomeko involves and takes over operating business, helps you with foreign projects during evaluation or implementation, including design and construction supervision.


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